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Cloudsis Cloud Phase V

Safer, Faster, Easier

We are glad to announce that we are implementing our new Cloud Phase V which includes a new interface with advanced security, improved performance and much more. Stay ahead with our enhanced mobile and web interfaces for an advanced Cloud experienced on the go.

parallels 17 specs.png


A new interface and Cloud receiver optimised for the new generation of applications based on

Windows Server 2019 and macOS Catalina.

Enhanced mobile and web interfaces for an advanced cloud experience.

Cloudsis Cloud Solutions Provider

1. MFA - Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentiation

2FA Two Factor Password

The new Cloud Phase V, introduces Multi-Factor Authentication, which will make it much more difficult for an unauthorized person to access your cloud session. A second step verification has been introduced in the process to log in to your Cloud. You will have to provide a single-use MFA Token which can be provided only by a device, previously authorised by you.

2. Get your own Cloud Gateway

Bespoke your Cloud

Corporate image is one of the most important assets of an organisation and it acts as a comfort factor for employees, especially when they work remotely. 

That is why our new Cloud will allow you to create your own Cloud Gateway and adapt it to your corporate image. 

cloudsis gateway 5.png
icon training white.png


Use your own domain, and also your name and logo. We can help with the SSL certification.

colours icon.png


Use your Corporate Colours in the Frontpage and  Menus, change the fonts etc.

icon chat white.png


Use your Gateway to communicate important messages to all your Cloud Users.

multilanguage icon.png


Does your company have subsidiaries abroad? No problem, make your Gateway Multilanguage.

theme icon.png


Would you like to completely change the design of your Gateway? That is now also possible. 

What can we change?

Seamless navigation

Select text or graphics with one finger, and easily drag and drop them for a seamless interactive experience. Create custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently used operations to increase productivity. Use native controls and copy and paste between remote applications—or even between remote applications and local apps on your device.

parallels mobile devices.png

Cloudis Cloud Solutions Provider

3. Enhanced Mobile Access

We know that you access your Cloud on the go more and more so we have improved the mobile application. The interface for mobile devices of the new Cloud is the fastest, simplest, most reliable remote access to your Cloud that we have ever had.


Employees can secure the App by adding Touch ID® or a passcode to open the application.

Mobile printing

Through the Printing Redirection technology of the Cloud Client, iOS and Android devices can be used to print locally.

Full screen applications

Applications are adapted to fit the entire screen and be displayed in fine detail, making it easier to interact with them. Choose either optimal readability with larger text and images, or more information with smaller text and greater detail.

mobile app

3 different mouse modes

Choose your mouse mode. The new Client has 3 different modes: Touch Mode, Dumbo Mouse, and Pointer to match different users' requirements while working from smartphones and tablets. Moreover, iOS users can control their published applications and desktops with Swiftpoint GT Mouse, further increasing their productivity on the go.

google play.png
apple store.png
mouses multicolor.png

Cloudsis Cloud Solutions Provider

4. Enhanced Web Access

HTML 5 Client

Effortlessly work with Windows applications and desktops from any HTML5 web browser, gaining immediate access without any installation. Set up instant web access with one click in the Parallels RAS Console, allowing employees to work productively from anywhere.

Drag & drop is now possible

The new Web Cloud allows users to drag a file stored locally on the device and drop it on either a specific application or a server-based desktop, further improving the UX and reducing the gap between the virtual and local workspace experience.

parallels web client.png
Mobile app 2
web client chrome.png

Client for Chrome OS

The Client for Chrome OS™ creates a dynamic, web-based workspace by allowing employees to simultaneously run their Windows-based, Google, and SaaS applications. This Client allows employees with Chrome OS to seamlessly access any Windows line-of-business (LOB) applications, desktops, and data over any network, while at the same time improving security and reducing endpoint management and maintenance costs.

Chrome Web Store logo.png
Web 1

Cloudsis Cloud Solutions Provider

5. System Reporting


Monitoring server, desktop, and applications can be critical in many situations. Our reporting engine transforms raw data into instant, visual, and intuitive reports, proving management with an overview of the infrastructure usage at any time. 

Advanced Reporting

Manage your Company resources more efficiently. Cloudsis can provide a new range of reports with real-time information about the users connected to the installation, the sessions activity, the devices connected, and the client OSes used. With this information, it will be easier to adjust the servers and devices available to match the traffic requirements on the company.

parallels performance reports.png
parallels performance reports 2.png

Cloudsis Cloud Solutions Provider

6. Windows Server & Office 2019

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 introduces significant changes to how Windows Server operated nearly since its introduction. Cloudsis Team is working hard on preparing the 2019 release to ensure a seamless upgrade and maximum compatibility with existing applications.  We are glad to inform that we are currently in the last stages of the testing process. Be prepared for significant changes!

Office 2019

The list of new features added to Office 2019 is almos endless. You'll find new inking tools, data types, functions, translation and editing tools, motion graphics, ease-of-use features, and so much more! 

Windows server 2019 logo.jpg

Cloudsis Cloud Solutions Provider

7. One Drive & Recovery Service

One Drive

Good News, Windows Server 2019 is getting support for OneDrive Files On-Demand so you will be able to integrate your data stored in Office 365 and your Cloudsis Cloud in seconds. Access all your One Drive files within your Cloud without taking massive amounts of space from your Cloud Server drive as the files are downloaded on demand.

Recovery Service

At Cloudsis we know how important it is that your system is always up an running. That is why we created our OneDrive Recovery Service. With this service, you always have direct access to a copy of your data via OneDrive. If you are not ready to move to the Cloud yet, we can also virtualise the core of your local systems so you have a backup cloud system, easy and quickly expandable that can take over your onsite system in the event of a disaster.

onedrive logo.png

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Shifting to a cloud-based approach have reduced risk, as well as improved visibility and cut costs


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